Check out Sam and Jess’ big announcement for the Easter Contest!

Thursday Apr 13th, 2017


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[Transcription by Jamie Loiselle]

Jess: Hi everyone, Sam and Jess here from the Read Estate Team. We want to thank everybody for all of your submissions on our Easter contest! It was such a hard decision and we love all of you for sending in your beau
tiful pictures. We have our winners, and we are going to start to announce them now. Sam?

Sam: I’m going to announce third place, right now, and they get a twenty-five dollar gift card for Toys R Us. It actually is one family, and it was very hard for us to decide, but we do like Wrigley’s picture, he’s four years old, and then Bishop did one, or two, and then Madison did one. She’s ten. So they were all very good, this goes to the same family, and thanks to them for their submission.
Then we have our second place winners. We have two, tied, for second place. It was very very hard to decide, we had a lot of submissions, so we decided to add another place, add another winner. So, second place, we have three winners, same family, um, Subhan, and their little one, I couldn’t really, make the name out here, and then Sunam, and they also get a twenty-five dollar gift card. So, they worked really hard on all these pictures, and they’re beautiful. And then Jess has got the other second ties, and the first place winner.

Jess: Yes, so, our second, second place tie, goes to Alishay and Afjad. So we have it right there, they’re beautiful as well. And we have a Twenty-five dollar gift card as well, for this family.
And our first-place winner, is London, for her beautiful Easter picture.

Sam: She worked really hard for this one, she added extra rabbits, she’s ten years old, and we’re really happy with it.

Jess: We have a fifty-dollar gift card to go to London. So we really, really want to say thank you again for all of the participants in our Easter contest, and thank you all so much!

Sam: Ok, well, stay tuned for our next contest! Ok have a great day, Happy Easter!

Both: Bye!

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